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Price is per ounce. Traditional Glass Stainer Colors by Reusche including Silver Stains and Gum Arabic

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Traditional Glass Stainer Colors By Reusche:
All paints are lead free, formulated for classical tracing and matting techniques. Colors are safe, easy to mix and come in a variety of colors. Actual colors may vary depending on type and color of base glass used, method of application, and firing variables. Recommended Binder: Gum Arabic sold here.


These ceramic materials contain toxic substances in the form of lead borosilicate glass with ceramic pigments. Toxic elements are: LEAD, CADMIUM, COBALT, CHROMIUM. Overexposure to these toxic substances may cause sterility or damage to the reproductive organs; birth defects or harm to developing fetus; excretion of these toxic elements in human milk causing harm to the nursing infant; central nervous system., depression or injury; numbness or weakness in the extremities. Overexposure may cause systematic damage. When using, do not eat drink or smoke. May be harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for use on food bearing surfaces, children’s articles or toys. In case of emergency call a physician. Manufacturer MSDS are available by request. Contact manufacturer for more health information: Reusche & CO. 1299 H Street, Greeley, CO 80631 970-346-8577

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50R001 Clear Glaze, 51R001 Snow White, 52R001 Yellow, 53R004 Apple Green, 53R005 Black Green, 54R001 Strong Blue, 54R003 Teal Blue, 55R001 Flesh Red, 55R002 Persian Red, 56R001 Umber Brown, 56R005 Ancient Brown, 56R006 Sepia Brown, 56R007 Bister Brown, 56R014 Yellow Brown, 56R501 Ivory Tan, 57R005 Tracing Black, 58R001 Rose Pink, 59R001 Blue Violet Purple, 1383 Orange #2 (Amber) Silver Stain, 1384 Yellow #3 Silver Stain, G1795 Gum Arabic


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